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Selling Umbraco to Your Clients

In our Umbraco in Business survey, a lot of you told us you wanted to learn more about getting clients on board with our favourite friendly CMS.

That's why we asked Theo Paraskevopoulos, founder and CEO of GrowCreate, to join us on an episode of Happy Porch Radio.

As a major proponent of educating the community on the power of Umbraco, Theo has spoken, written, and now interviewed on the art of closing deals with Umbraco. 

We're sure you will get tons of value from our interview with Theo, but we also wanted to give you a chance for more direct interaction.  

For anyone who wants to dig deeper and get their specific questions answered or share their ace tips, we are hosting a virtual meetup all about "Selling Umbraco to Clients." The live event will feature a moderated discussion with a guest panel and cool Umbraco folks like you.

Join us on:

Wednesday, April 26th 

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If you'd like to learn, share, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation, then join us on a live virtual meetup (via Zoom) on Wednesday, April 26th at 1:00 PM CEST (11:00 AM UTC/GMT). 

So, if you're interested in speaking with our Happy Porch Hot Seat panel guests, as well as other agency owners, then this intimate meetup is the place for you. Spaces are limited - sign up now to reserve your spot!

** Update **

We’re almost at capacity for this virtual meetup, but we don’t want that to stop you from getting involved. If you’d like to:

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Hot Seat Guest Panel:

Barry O'Kane

Founder of Endzone Software, Barry leads a team of tech professionals committed to relieving development headaches in growing creative agencies.

With over 15 years in the web development industry, Barry has experienced every tech and development issue imaginable. He helps agencies create strategies, systems and processes throughout their technical department, ensuring agencies can repeatedly deliver the highest quality results on time, in budget, and with reduced stress.

Theo Paraskevopoulos

Theo  is Founder and CEO of GrowCreate, a digital agency with offices in Oxford and Stuttgart; and creator of Pipeline, a CRM and digital experience suite for Umbraco CMS.

A vocal member of the Umbraco open-source community, Theo frequently pens articles and speaks at events and conferences. Before GrowCreate, Theo co-founded and served as Head of Digital at FundWorks, a vendor of reporting systems for the financial services sector.

GrowCreate Agency

Anders Sørensen

Anders Sørensen, Major Friends Maker

Anders came from a position as a Sales Director in a large Danish agency and was brought on board the Umbraco headquarters team in 2016 as Major Friends Maker to strengthen its network of friendly partners across the world. 

With chief responsibility for managing and developing the international partner network, Anders has 100% focus on making closer relationships with Umbraco partners and understanding the increasing needs from the community. 

Umbraco, the friendly CMS

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe

 As the Director of Marketing for a mortgage company, Jessica is responsible for the development, execution and measurement of all digital marketing strategies and tactics. She has extensive experience running high velocity lead generation efforts from both the agency and client sides.

Jessica has implemented Umbraco as the CMS to support her digital strategy at two separate banks.

BBMC Mortgage

Join us on:

Wednesday, April 26th 

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