In this episode, we hear another purpose-led perspective, this time from Kwame Ferreira, CEO of the innovation group Impossible, made up of people who have come together to help solve meaningful problems and guide global change. In our conversation, Kwame explains their culture and the approach that allows them to do some amazing work. We learn more about Impossible’s unique approach to health, happiness and their fundamental value of transparency. Kwame shares Impossible’s interesting co-creation methods. A fascinating episode where we also find out the story behind Kwame’s Ghanaian name and how recruiting great people sometimes means going to Mexican restaurants.

Kwame Ferreira

Kwame Ferreira of Impossible

Kwame Ferreira is a co-founder and CEO of Impossible, an innovation group and incubator best known for developing socially conscious innovation.

Impossible works with global companies like Google, Roche, Samsung and Lonely Planet as well as impactful startups such as Fairphone, Wires, and Kinsu. In addition to client work, Impossible builds its own products, such as Impossible People, a social network based on 'gift economy', Nikabot, a Slack bot that helps teams keep track of time, and Bond Touch, a tech bracelet for couples separated by distance. The company is a certified B Corporation.

Prior to Impossible, Kwame worked as a service designer lead at Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy in London. He also co-founded a record label Enchufada, and helped grow The Vinyl Factory, a record label and magazine.

Kwame is currently developing his new design methodology around planet-centric design. In his spare he makes documentaries and flies helicopters.

“There is no other way of doing meaningful and successful product these days without co-creation.” — Kwame Ferreira of @impossible #productdesign

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Tune in to find out:

  • Learn more about Kwame and the interesting story about his name
  • Why Kwame refers to Impossible as an innovation group
  • What Impossible does as a problem solving innovation group
  • Learn what it means to be a collective that guides global change
  • The approach and process Impossible takes toward problem solving
  • Why Kwame decided to start employing a more product centric approach
  • Why Impossible strives for health, happiness and marrying passions with responsibilities
  • The value of co-creation and why it is the only way to create a meaningful product
  • The role of happiness and how it is addressed as a multi-dimensional problem at Impossible
  • Transparency, honesty and why your company should be more like a family
  • Why hiring has been one of the biggest challenges at the Impossible family
  • How Kwame found one of his best designers serving tables at a Mexican restaurant
  • What is the future for Impossible? Kwame shares his not too distant dreams

“If we just give you a #solution, you are never invested enough as a #client in the whole process of actually getting to that solution. So you won’t nurture it as you would if you were actually part in co-creating it.” — Kwame Ferreira of @impossible

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