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Season 3 is Purpose-driven

The new season focuses on the growing number of agencies whose goals are driven by their values to make the world a better place. Is this the new standard agency model? 

Join Barry and his guests as they explore the meaning of impact and purpose-driven and how to balance working for social change with agency operational sustainability and financial success. 

Listen to Season 3 Episodes

Season 3, Episode #17: Greening The Internet and Helping Good People Benefit From Good Design with Tom and Vineeta Greenwood
Vineeta and Tom Greenwood are the founders of Wholegrain Digital, a WordPress agency in London that are on a mission[...]
Season 3, Episode #16: Marrying Passions With Responsibilities to Help Others Achieve The Impossible with Kwame Ferreira
In this episode, we hear another purpose-led perspective, this time from Kwame Ferreira, CEO of the innovation group Impossible, made[...]
Season 3, Episode #15: Serving Clients in the Charity Sector Through Experience and Shared Value with Matt Collins
Matt Collins is the managing director of Platypus Digital, a London based digital marketing agency that helps great charities do[...]
Season 3, Episode #14: Maintaining Values in a Growing Agency with Ben Matthews
On today’s show we host a conversation with Ben Matthews, one of the founders of digital marketing agency Montfort. Montfort[...]
Season 3, Episode #13: Why Aligning User, Business and Societal Goals is an Evolution with Rob Girling
My guest this week is Rob Girling, co-founder and principal of Artefact, a 60-person Seattle-based design and innovation consultancy with[...]
Season 3, Episode #12: Client Care, Specialization and Catering to a Niche Market with Jonathan Goldford and David Hartstein
Jonathan Goldford and David Hartstein, co-founders of Wired Impact, chose to forego a large chunk of their potential client base[...]
Season 3, Episode #11: How To Stick To Your Guns When Trailblazing a Values-Driven Agency with Rob Holzer
Values-driven agency Matter Unlimited, or Matter for short, has a mission to amplify the power of brands and organizations to[...]
Season 3, Episode #10: Codifying a Company Culture Around Your Values In Social Impact Design with Julia Zeltser
This week’s guest is Julia Zeltser, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hyperakt. Julia and her cofounder Deroy Peraza arrived in[...]
Season 3, Episode #9: How To Express and Actualize Your Values For Greater Impact with Eric Verkerke
In today’s episode we welcome Eric Verkerke, the co-founder of Emergence Creative, a global creative agency focused on social impact.[...]
Season 3, Episode #8: How To Build A Values-Focused Agency In Today’s World with Edward Wisniewski
In episode three, I spoke to one of the founders of Radish Lab, Alana. This week, I am delighted to[...]
Season 3, Episode #7: Finding Creativity Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Strategic Experimentation with Gopika Prabhu
Today on the show we are joined by Gopika Prabhu, the founder of San Francisco-based design studio, Elefint. Elefint’s mission[...]
Season 3, Episode #6: Building a Values-Driven Agency and Supporting Sustainable Brands with Andrea Henao of 360 Agency Berlin
Today on the show we welcome Andrea Henao, the co-founder of 360 Agency Berlin. 360 Agency Berlin is an integrated[...]
Season 3, Episode #5: Values-based Specialisation and Challenges of Working with Nonprofits with Kerstin Heuer
In previous seasons of this podcast, we touched on the importance of clarity for marketing your agency services and that[...]
Season 3, Episode #4: Converting Nonprofit Lessons to Build a Social Enterprise that Creates Lasting Change with William Stubbs
Today on the show we welcome on William Stubbs, founder of Spur:Labs and an experienced strategy and innovation consultant, with[...]
Season 3, Episode #3: From Accidental Founder to Building a Successful Creative Agency with Intention with Alana Range
Today on the show we are joined by Alana Range. Alana is a designer, photographer, digital storyteller, and founder of[...]
Season 3, Episode #2: Getting the Working Relationship Right with Nonprofits to Make Impact at Scale with Matt Schwartz
Today on the podcast we welcome Matt Schwartz. Matt is the Founder and Executive Director of Constructive, a social change[...]
Season 3, Episode #1: Making Decisions Based On Values Rather Than Fear with Bill Barbot
In this week’s episode, we welcome Bill Barbot. Bill is one of the founders of Threespot, an independent digital agency[...]
Season 3 Preview
New Season. New Question. Happy Porch Radio season 3 debuts Thursday 16 November, 2017. How do purpose-driven agencies balance making an impact[...]
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Join Barry and his guests as they dig deep into the business specifics of running and growing a world class web agency. Barry has been in the web development business since 1999. He was partner in a Scottish web agency for 12 years and now runs his own specialist agency helping impact-driven organisations make GOOD work better.