On today’s show we host a conversation with Ben Matthews, one of the founders of digital marketing agency Montfort. Montfort focuses on strategy, communication and marketing for clients with a social impact, choosing to work almost exclusively with charities and non-profit organisations. The agency, whose other co-founder is Ben’s wife Jaz, grew organically out of both of their own experience and desire to work in this realm and was a natural step after their prior freelance work. I chat to Ben about Montfort, the reasons for starting it, maintaining values, his hopes for the future and why he is not rushing to make the company any bigger. With lots of insight and helpful advice for others in similar situations, this chat is a must-hear. 

Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews of Montfort Agency

Ben Matthews is director at Montfort, a digital marketing agency for people who change the world for good. Clients include: Amnesty International, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), The Guardian, Bang & Olufsen, We Mean Business, FIA Foundation, UNPRI, Donorfy, The Engine Room.

You can also find Ben blogging about freelancing and freelance life at benrmatthews.com. 

He was awarded Young PR Professional of the Year and is the youngest ever PR professional to be featured in PR Week. He was also a finalist in the Freelancer of the Year Awards run by IPSE, the membership organisation for freelancers and independent consultants.

Ben was a founding member of 33 Digital, an international digital PR and marketing agency, where he managed accounts for O2, Microsoft, Financial Times and Telefonica among others.

"Having a list of #clients that you’d love to work for is a really strong motivator and gives you focus and even makes you kind of think about how to reach out to them.” — @montfortio #businessgrowth #agencylife

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Tune in to find out:

  • A brief background to Montfort, how it started and its specialization
  • Why Ben and Jaz decided to work mainly with not for profit and charity organisations
  • Screening criteria, client discretion and building a portfolio of like minded people
  • Overcoming the potential conflict of values-driven work with a need to pay the bills
  • Dream clients and setting your sights on connecting with them
  • Formalising freelance work into an agency and how this process occurred
  • The toughest parts of the transition to the independent agency
  • The process of hiring and how this relates to the values of Montfort
  • The Great Get Together as an example of the work Montfort has done recently
  • The future for Montfort and why they are not planning to expand

“When you run an #agency or are a #freelancer, the work is such a big part of your life that working with companies that align with your #values is a lot better.” — @montfortio #purpose-led agency

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