New Season. New Question. 

Happy Porch Radio season 3 debuts Thursday 16 November, 2017. 

How do purpose-driven agencies balance making an impact without sacrificing financial sustainability?

Season 3 is focused on the growing number of agencies who are “making the world a better place." Join me, Barry O’Kane, as I speak to leaders of agencies whose goals are driven by their values to positively impact the world around them.

We explore what this even means, why is it different from any other agency and how this might be reconciled with the challenges of the agency’s financial success.

Mark Your Calendar

The new season debuts Thursday 16 November, 2017


Why Listen? 

Look, it's OK to ask whether Happy Porch Radio is worth 45 minutes of your attention. We know you've got a full schedule running your agency and making good work for clients. Here's some of what you'll get out of listening this season:

  • Learn how making your values clear to clients wins business with better value to your long-term goals
  • Get to know the stories behind the top purpose-driven agencies across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.  
  • Pick up tips on ways to make positive social impact while maintaining or improving profitability in your agency

While we think there's loads of value in listening to each podcast, some of the best action comes from discussions after the recording stops. Join the conversation with us on Twitter to share your experiences, ask questions, or give feedback.  

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