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Season 5: Digital in the Circular Economy

This season is a call to action. Design, UX, development, PR, comms, social and web and digital agency leadership are “what” we do. Yet we need more conversations about how and why we can use our skills to really, positively tackle the big questions affecting us all. 

In this season we explore the role that our industry plays in the Circular Economy. We hear from multiple experts and inspiring people actually working on solutions to our biggest global environmental and social challenges.   

Listen to Season 5 Episodes

Season 5, Episode #11: Tech and the Circular Economy with Craig Melson
The impact that the circular economy would have is so broad that no single conversation can quite cover its reach.[...]
Season 5, Episode #10: Driving Industry Transparency with Joerg Walden
Achieving sustainability requires that companies know what’s in their product, know their suppliers, and understand their direct and indirect environmental[...]
Season 5, Episode #9: Air Conditioning As-A-Service with Dave Mackerness
As-a-service business models align the priorities of the vendor and the customer, while also having the potential to drive sustainability[...]
Season 5, Episode #8: Reimagining Reverse Logistics with Paul McSweeney
In circular economy terms, reverse logistics involves the collection of goods, transportation to a given location, and sorting prior to remanufacturing, refurbishing, reusing or recycling or[...]
Season 5, Episode #7: Circularity in the built environment with Pablo van den Bosch from Madaster
When many people think of the word ‘waste,’ something formless and brown springs to mind. Part of the struggle to[...]
Season 5, Episode #6: Shifting Waste Management Paradigms with Maayke Damen, Excess Materials Exchange
Understanding waste as something valuable not only requires new systems but massive paradigm shifts too.Today we talk to Maayke Damen[...]
Season 5, Episode #5: Bringing Transparency to Supply Chains : Toward A Circular Economy with Jordi de Vos, Circularise
The move toward a more circular economy is contingent on many things – transparent supply chains being one of them.Here[...]
Season 5, Episode #4: Not Wasting Waste with Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker, from Dsposal
The ultimate ‘out of sight, out of mind problem,’ when we throw something away, it seems to disappear into a[...]
Season 5, Episode #3: Shifting Mindsets So the Systems Will Follow with Lieke van Kerkhoven, from FLOOW2
Carrying on our exploration of the circular economy, we are joined today by Lieke van Kerkhoven, the co-founder of FLOOW2,[...]
Season 5, Episode #2: Less Waste and More Sustainability From Us All with Catherine Weetman
Here to jump start this conversation and prime us for the forthcoming episodes is Catherine Weetman, who literally wrote the[...]
Season 5, Episode #1: Introducing the Circular Economy and Season 5
In Season 5 of the HappyPorch Radio Podcast, we dive into the fascinating, important, and exciting topic of the Circular[...]
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