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Happy Porch Radio Hot Seat: "Selling" Umbraco 

Here’s the video replay:

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On this virtual meetup, our panelists discussed selling Umbraco to our clients.

With experiences and perspectives coming from the agency, client, and Umbraco HQ, we got a well-rounded look at the status and future of getting more clients on board with our favourite CMS.

The amazing panel of hosts included:

Barry O'Kane

Founder of Endzone Software, Barry moderated the discussion. 

Theo Paraskevopoulos

Theo  is Founder and CEO of GrowCreate. He represents the agency side of selling Umbraco. 

Anders Sørensen

Anders Sørensen, Major Friends Maker

Anders is the Major Friends Maker at Umbraco and brings us the HQ perspective. 

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe

As the Director of Marketing for a mortgage company, Jessica has been on the client side of selling and implementing Umbraco at two separate banks. 

GrowCreate Agency
Umbraco, the friendly CMS
BBMC Mortgage