Today on the show we welcome Andrea Henao, the co-founder of 360 Agency Berlin. 360 Agency Berlin is an integrated advertising agency that, beyond their expertise in advertising, are driven by their values, working exclusively with sustainable brands. Andrea shares what led her and her partners to founding the agency, about how vital their values are to the agency and how strong a stance they take. Join in to hear Andrea describe the vetting process they use to select the clients they work with, and talk openly and honestly about how their impact is at least as important as the financial success of the agency. She also dives into how those values drive them to take responsibility for a wider conversation in the industry, which in turn has led to becoming involved in EU initiatives around protecting online buyer’s privacy and supplier workshops in developing countries - all of which makes a much more interesting portfolio than your standard ad agency.

Andrea Henao

Andrea Henao, Co-Founder of purpose-led agency 360 Agency Berlin

Andrea is one of the founders of 360 Agency Berlin. She is a revolutionary thinker believing an agency should take full responsibility of the brands and product they promote.  Before deciding business could be focused on much more than money, she spent 12 years in global advertising working on huge accounts - Volkswagen global account at Mediacom, Heineken global account at Starcom, LG global account at Mindshare and Philips global account at Carat.

360 Agency Berlin is the first advertising agency in the world to promote exclusively sustainable and ethical brands across the globe. 360 Agency Berlin regroups the best media and creative professionals working under one same agency, proposing tailored solutions to sustainable companies. 

“If you really truly believe in what you do, money is not enough reason to change your belief.” - @Sustainableadve

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Tune in to find out:

  • What urged Andrea and her partners to start 360 Agency Berlin
  • How Andrea and her team implemented the value of working with clients they believed in
  • Why it was much easier to found the agency in Germany as opposed to London or France
  • Keeping your team engaged by drawing on the shared values of the company
  • The process Andrea goes through when determining which clients to work with
  • Understand the difference between sustainability and organic products
  • Why people are losing faith in “conscious” companies to make a difference
  • The reason why Andrea and her agency never compromises on the clients they work with
  • Hear the biggest challenges and opportunities Andrea and her agency face
  • Advice Andrea would give to other business owners starting an agency
  • Why it is crucial to be surrounded by people who believe in you

"We believe so much in what we do that it enables us to be very motivated on what we work on” - Andrea Henao

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