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The Circular Economy Technology Podcast

Join us as we explore the topics that connect the esoteric digital world to real issues affecting us all.

If we are to successfully tackle major issues such as climate change, waste crises and biodiversity loss, the linear economy has to change. We must transform all elements of the take-make-waste system: how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.

A  "circular economy" is part of the solution.

Technology, created and implemented with care, is a vital enabler for the circular transformation.

Join us as we talk with leading experts and digital leaders and learn all about the role of technology, software and digital in circularity.

Exploring Circular Tech: Re-commerce in fashion

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of fashion re-commerce, where second-hand clothes are given new life in new homes. Does re-commerce truly live up to its reputation as an eco-friendly option? Does it significantly reduce waste, promote sustainable consumption, and counteract excessive shopping? Or are we simply seeing old problems in new packaging?

Season 7: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Circular Future

Building on previous seasons, we will be zooming out to look at circularity from a systemic level. Specifically, we will be speaking to a range of consultants, experts, trainers and advisors who help others transition to circular economy practices.

Season 6: Exploring the African Circular Economy

In this season we speak to people actively using innovative circular approaches in different African contexts. We share their stories to gain an insight into the Circular Economy across Africa and what we can learn for our own contexts.

Season 5: Digital in the Circular Economy

In this season we explore the role that our industry plays in the Circular Economy. We hear from multiple experts and inspiring people actually working on solutions to our biggest global environmental and social challenges.

Season 4: Diversity & Inclusion

This season is an exploration of diversity & inclusion in our industry, especially gender diversity. Diversity is a huge and complex area. Our hope is that this season will be a useful and interesting contribution.

This season, Barry is joined by a number of amazing cohosts!