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Join your host, Barry O'Kane, as he talks with web and digital agency owners, developers, designers, and digital leaders about a kaleidoscope of topics to help you build an agency that delivers value beyond profit.

Each season digs deep into a specific challenge of running and growing a world changing web agency. Check out previous seasons, then tune in for new episodes of Happy Porch Radio on Thursdays. 

Purpose-driven Agency

Season 4: Diversity & Inclusion 

This season is an exploration of diversity & inclusion in our industry, especially gender diversity. Diversity is a huge and complex area. Our hope is that this season will be a useful and interesting contribution.

Unlike previous seasons, in season 4, Barry is joined by a number of amazing cohosts! Hopefully the three way conversations make for an informed and entertaining listen.

Agency Long Haul

Season 1: The Long Haul

Whether you run a digital agency, web design agency, branding agency, SEO agency, internet marketing agency or web development agency, managing your agency for the long haul is no small feat. Industry experts talk about the business challenges and opportunities that we all face and share the amazingly valuable lessons they have learned along the way.

Umbraco CMS Podcast

Season 2: Umbraco CMS

Season 2 is all about how powerful open source technologies like Umbraco CMS fit into our agencies and enable us to achieve greater impact. Through 16 episodes we cover business challenges and opportunities, the people and building community, as well as helpful tools and interesting use cases. Special bonus: Happy Porch Radio Hot Seat live events. 

Purpose-driven Agency

Season 3: Purpose-driven 

This season focuses on the growing number of agencies whose goals are driven by their values to make the world a better place. We explore what impact and purpose-driven mean and how to balance working for social change with the agency's financial sustainability. 

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Join Barry and his guests as they dig deep into the business specifics of running and growing a world class web agency. Barry has been in the web development business since 1999. He was partner in a Scottish web agency for 12 years and now runs his own specialist agency helping impact-driven organisations make GOOD work better.