Today on the show we welcome on William Stubbs, founder of Spur:Labs and an experienced strategy and innovation consultant, with a passion for behavioural design and systems thinking based approaches to social change. His journey to agency life started with a nonprofit foundation created to tackle a tough issue in an even tougher market - talking suicide and mental health with males aged 18 to 44 in Australia. William and his co-founder launched the business with a very clearly defined set of values and a mission to not only continue to build in the success of their own foundation but also to use their experiences and skills to help others plan, design, implement and measure campaigns to, in his words, make the world better, better in a real way. The genesis of Spur:Labs is a fascinating story and one that seems so different to the founding of the other values-driven agencies I’ve spoken to so far in this season. There is so much in his words that can and will inspire and encourage all of us, no matter where we are on this journey with our own agencies.

William Stubbs

William Stubbs, Co-Founder SPUR:LABS

William Stubbs is a social entrepreneur, writer, and speaker who likes solving big, societal level problems and helping other people to create their own social change.

As co-Founder of the mental health non-profit Spur Projects, he broke the mold in Australia for how mental health campaigns could create real impact, and in the process broke records, reaching more than 40 million people in six years.  William took lessons from running the nonprofit to co-found a social impact consultancy, Spur:Labs, built to help organisations understand and create real, lasting social change.

With a long list of accolades and unwavering commitment to do good in the world, William contributes his experience and insight to organisations like the World Economic Forum, Telstra Foundation, and the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Berlin. He also acts as the Digital Brisbane Ambassador to the German start-up community.

His latest project, an approach to refugee camp mental health support called Afterain, came out of his participation in the inaugural Unleash Innovation Lab in Denmark, a summit aimed at producing groundbreaking solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

You might have seen William in one of many media appearances, including the ABC prime-time mental health series Man Up, Channel 7’s Daily Edition, Women’s Health and Fitness, and the South China Morning Post.

"Find a way for your business to do good in the way that it does business, not as an accessory to doing business." - @WilliamCStubbs

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Tune in to find out:

  • The radical idea that led to the launch of Spur Projects
  • Leveraging the advantages of technology to break world records
  • How Spur:Labs' purpose was born out of a social change movement 
  • What agency owners can learn from nonprofit founders
  • The reason why Spur:Labs will only work on projects that have a positive impact
  • Learning what to align your brand to and how to choose who to work with
  • Understanding how to use feedback from your audience to gauge the success of an idea
  • The critical value of making social change work visible

"For me, it has to be about building something that makes the world better, and legitimately better.” - @WilliamCStubbs

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