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Information for Podcast Guests

Thanks for agreeing to join us on the show! If we haven't already scheduled the call then we'll be in touch shortly!


Before the call
  • Please provide a photo (head shots are best) and a short bio (2 or 3 sentences is fine) that you're happy for us to use on the website.
  • The call is recorded via Zencastr (audio only, though we may have video during the recording). You will need to use either Chrome or MS Edge web browser. See here for Zencaster requirements.


Sound advice

Audio quality is really, really important! We want our listeners to hear the conversation as if they were sitting with us.

Recording setup

  • Best: A microphone with a USB connection and headphones or a combine headset with a USB connection
  • Middling: Cable headphones with a combined microphone or a built-in computer/phone mic with headphones (provided the room is quiet and you don’t have a loud computer fan!)
  • Avoid: Bluetooth earbuds or any setup that does not include headphones (ie where there is the risk of your recording equipment picking up audio from the other side of the call)

Besides microphone choice, the following considerations will help us get optimal sound:

  • Having a stable internet connection
  • Minimising loud background noise - ie, turning off any air conditioning/heating, and closing any open windows and doors.
  • Recording in ‘softer’ rooms with fewer reflective surfaces - ie, we love curtains, carpets, soft furnishings; we’re less keen on floor-to-ceiling windows, bare floors, etc.

Above all, whatever you use and however you’re joining the conversation, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable.


The call itself
  • The call takes about 30 minutes (45 minutes maximum).
  • We will already have agreed the main topic for our conversation, and we will already have shared prepared questions in advance.
  • The recording is edited before publishing, and we can cut anything you are not happy going live. Just let us know during the call.
  • We have a very relaxed interview style, so there is no pressure!
  • The call is recorded via Zencastr (audio only). Although we use another option as a backup if there are connection or sound issues. See here for Zencaster requirements.


Sharing the episode
  • We will send an email to you the week your episode will air, so you can let your colleagues, clients, friends & family know. 
  • You are welcome to share the recording or extracts from it in any format, though please do include a link back to the episode page.