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Blake Clerke


Blake Clerke is a Sr. Front-End Developer at DiscoverTec and is Level 2 Certified in Umbraco. Based in Denver, Colorado, she demonstrates her love for the Umbraco community by sporting a commemorative CodeGarden tattoo and leading the Denver Area Umbraco Meetup.

Myke Bates


Myke Bates is a web mastering, movie quoting, horror flick loving, metal music shredding, community building, music platform creating, front/back-end developing, pizza devouring, all around epically bad-ass tech junkie. Listen to him, collab with him, be inspired by him – or don’t; this is a bio paragraph not a life coach

Listen to the episode

Tune in to find out:


  • Blake’s experience transitioning from a designer role into an Umbraco developer.
  • Why Blake says Umbraco is a lot easier to use compared to a handful of other platforms.
  • How staying up to date on everything Umbraco matched with her understanding of clients and their needs allows Blake to better serve.
  • A few of the benefits of attending Umbraco meetups.
  • How choosing Umbraco as the CMS of choice for The Alchemedia Project had very little to do with what the agency wanted (and what mattered instead).
  • How Umbraco makes onboarding great developers at the agency easy while also making the recruiting process very difficult (at least in some regions).
  • Why Myke says Umbraco is a “forward thinking” platform (with real life examples to back it).
  • Why the agency gets very little pushback when they recommend Umbraco to clients (even when clients have never heard of it).
  • How the agency uses the Nested Content package to make the lives of their designers way easier.