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Josh Seifert


Josh Seifert is a project manager at ProWorks. He waxes effusively about the content editing experience in Umbraco, and involuntarily shudders when being asked for “widgets” and “plugins”.

Catherine Stevens


Catherine Stevens is a Certified Umbraco Developer and does front-end web development at ProWorks, a Gold Partner Umbraco agency in Corvallis, OR.

Mark Mars


Mark Mars is a confessed internet addict since its inception and has a passion for helping businesses, large and small maximize their investment in their digital investments via web design and digital marketing. As a Senior Application Development Consultant at Microsoft for over a decade he advised some of the largest organisations in the world how to get the most of the Microsoft platform following industry best practices. Passionate about innovation, he decided to become master of his own destiny in 2012 when he started Perceptive Flow, with the aim to become a recognized industry leading digital agency. Perceptive Flow have been recognized for the work they do at Industry Award events.

Listen to the episode

Tune in to find out:


  • How the ProWorks folks use inherited or ‘hand me down’ Umbraco websites as an opportunity to learn and improve their skills.
  • ‘The WordPress Mindset” and how it impacts Umbraco led agencies.
  • Why you have to be explicit to new clients about what your agency and Umbraco can do.
  • The ‘wet behind the ears intern’ benchmark that ProWorks uses to make the Umbraco back office experience as straightforward as possible.
  • Josh’s very helpful furniture shopping analogy explaining the difference between a custom site built in Umbraco and a WordPress template loaded down with junk.
  • Why it’s the agency’s job to keep ongoing clients informed and updated on the capabilities of Umbraco.
  • How Mark’s creative side led him from building boring functional applications to building a leading digital agency.
  • Why Mark chose to work almost exclusively with Umbraco at Perceptive Flow.
  • How the Umbraco 7 update changed the pitching and proposal process for Mark.
  • What Mark does when the client must have a CMS that Perceptive Flow doesn’t cover.
  • A detailed look at the retainer services Perceptive Flow offers.
  • Mark’s highly positive experience with Umbraco Cloud so far and why Perceptive Flow offers discounts to new clients if they go with Umbraco Cloud.
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