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Welcome back to Happy Porch Radio, season 2. In this episode I’m delighted to be able to share the story of choosing Umbraco from the other side of an agency relationship – the client.

Jessica Rowe is an experienced Director of Digital Marketing and has twice selected Umbraco for large digital projects. We talk a little about her background and the skill set she has built up over the years – and then she shares the story of how and why she selected Umbraco.

She very candidly talks about how a previous negative agency experience completely changed the way she approaches these projects, and then we really dig deep into the exact process she used to identify first Umbraco and then an agency.

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe is a veteran lead generation and digital marketing professional. She has extensive experience serving as a marketing technologist and running high velocity lead generation efforts from both the agency and client sides. As the Director of Marketing for a mortgage company, she is responsible for the development, execution and measurement of all digital marketing strategies and tactics for the mortgage division.
Jessica has 2 years of experience working with Umbraco and has implemented Umbraco as the CMS to support her digital strategy at two separate banks.

Listen to the episode

Tune in to find out:


  • What Jessica’s role is at the company where she works.
  • What originally led her to choose Umbraco.
  • Why they chose Scandia to be their partner.
  • What kind of success they had with Umbraco on their first site.
  • What their relationship with the agency looks like now.
  • Some of the biggest challenges of working with Umbraco from the client side.