In this week’s episode, we welcome Bill Barbot. Bill is one of the founders of Threespot, an independent digital agency that is hell-bent on helping those, and only those, who are committed to helping others. Founded in 1999 based in Washington DC, Threespot have come to realize that they value doing work that matters more than awards, accolades or cold, hard cash and in this episode, Bill shares his and the agency’s journey to this point. Threespot have an incredibly clear understanding of their "why," and in this episode Bill shares insight valuable for anyone looking at how to be genuinely true to their values as they build a successful business.

Bill Barbot

Bill Barbot, Founder of purpose-led agency Threespot

Spurred by a mile-wide independent streak and a youthful enthusiasm to throw all his time and energy at changing the world, Bill co-founded Threespot on a brisk February afternoon in 1999. He now serves as its president, leading Threespot’s new-client business development efforts and company operations. 

As a founder, Bill works closely with his co-founder, William Colgrove, and other senior staff to provide strategic vision and leadership to clients and to the firm, and furnish executive oversight to all of Threespot’s relationships—with clients, with partners, with employees, and with the community. All this tends to keep him on his toes.

Prior to founding Threespot, Bill was a senior producer at Magnet Interactive, where he oversaw a 15-member team dedicated to dozens of Kellogg’s interactive projects. Earlier, he worked as a freelance music writer, professional rock musician, and co-owner of his own independent record label, DeSoto Records. While he can still be found on occasion gracing the stage with his guitar and his current band, Foxhall Stacks, he’s much more often at home with his wife and kids making quesadillas and building pillow forts.

Bill is an active player in the Bureau of Digital agency owners’ community, and is a member of its Founders’ Club. A long, long time ago, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian from Williams College, which, who knows, may come in handy some day.

"So often in our lives we make decisions from a basis of fear, when we should be making them from a basis of values." - @bbarbot

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Tune in to find out:

  • What Bill learned about business as a touring guitarist in a rock band
  • How experience in the underground punk scene landed Bill his first agency job
  • How Threespot laid the foundation for its human-centered mission
  • The difference between being mission-driven and values alignment
  • What does it mean to have a company with integrity?
  • Finding a way to make profits and integrity co-exist in business
  • Making decisions from a basis of fear versus a basis of values
  • The catalyst for Threespot’s core value alignment in 2013
  • Articulating real world values as opposed to a marketing slogan
  • How a core value system can improve the enthusiasm of a work force
  • Working for quality of profit versus quantity of profit

"The bottom line is more about quality of profit, than it is quantity of profit.” - @bbarbot

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