My guest this week is Rob Girling, co-founder and principal of Artefact, a 60-person Seattle-based design and innovation consultancy with a purpose to create a world we all want to live in today and tomorrow. In our conversation, Rob shares how this positioning is an evolution both for him personally and for Artefact generally. As we talk, Rob exemplifies the wider systems thinking that Artefact employs and the broader corporate context of the shift to doing good missions. Rob shares the importance of the recent public memo sent out by Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock. Rob takes us through the challenges and practicalities of making this shift within his own company, reiterating there is no quick fix for true, sustainable and meaningful societal change.

Rob Girling

Rob Girling of Artefact

As a co-founder and principal of design and innovation consultancy Artefact, Rob Girling is responsible for setting the company’s strategy and vision—to design products and experiences that inspire positive changes in human behavior and drive towards preferable outcomes for individuals, clients, and society.

Rob’s career began in 1992 after winning the Apple Student Design Competition, after which he went on to spend over a decade in design roles at companies like Apple, Microsoft, IDEO, and Sony before starting Artefact.

“As much as I’d like to boldly claim that we reinvented everything overnight, it’s just not believable.” — @RobGirling #purpose-led #agency #innovation

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Tune in to find out:

  • How Artefact has transformed into what it is today
  • What is humanity centered design versus human centered design
  • The employment of human centered design in the examples of Uber and Lyft
  • Why you need confidence for transformation
  • How Artefact has adapted to become a self-learning organization
  • The importance of the letter Larry Fink wrote to a thousand CEOs
  • Are corporations and private sectors really waking up to their responsibilities?
  • How the Artefact team is viewing the agency’s transition
  • The challenge of aligning individual needs with societal benefit
  • How Artefact will continue their evolution of aligning user, business and societal goals 
  • The importance of being clear on your brand story

"It’s about #equity, #sustainability and the role of #technology in the future in our lives.” — @RobGirling #innovation #purpose-led #agency

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