Vineeta and Tom Greenwood are the founders of Wholegrain Digital, a WordPress agency in London that are on a mission to create a more sustainable and equitable world. Learn more about the inner workings of Wholegrain Digital, how they screen their clients, recruit their team members, make decisions and how they aim to green the internet. We also discuss their fascinating journey to becoming a B Corp. If you are wondering how you can improve your ethical business standards and be a business that is accountable to the greater good – then this is one inspiring episode you must listen to! .

Vineeta and Tom Greenwood

Vineeta and Tom of Wholegrain Digital

Vineeta and Tom Greenwood are the founders of Wholegrain Digital, a specialist WordPress agency and Certified B Corporation based in London. They are on a mission to create a truly sustainable business and to help green the internet. They work with clients including Ecover, SolarCentury and UNICEF. Over the past 11 years the agency has grown organically and now has a team of 18 positive people.

Both have a background in engineering and design, combined with a passion for sustainability and natural health that has underpins the culture of the business. Tom is the one with the vision for the future and Vineeta is the one who actually makes things happen. It's a perfect partnership.

“you have to be #passionate about something positive. It doesn’t matter if that’s about reducing #plasticwaste or the number of toxins in the #environment or in the soil, or wanting to raise your children in a positive way.” — Vineeta of @eatwholegrain

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Tune in to find out:

  • Find out how Vineeta and Tom fell in love and started a business
  • The problem with sustainability businesses that Tom and Vineeta wanted to address
  • How Wholegrain began helping small green businesses with their websites
  • How Wholegrain Digital rebranded from Scamper to their new name
  • The financial crash card: Tom and Vineeta reflect on their first three years of business
  • Wholegrain’s positive screening / negative screening client process
  • How Wholegrain tackles “grey area” clients and Robin Hood projects
  • Screening clients through the vision and mission on the Wholegrain website
  • Why turning down clients has become more difficult as the business grows
  • How Vineeta and Tom began hiring and growing their team
  • Discover why Tom and Vineeta decided to look at becoming a B Corp
  • Learn more about the B Corp Assessment test and the its challenges
  • What is the true value of becoming a registered B Corp?
  • An inside look into the B Corp community
  • Greening the internet: Wholegrain’s inspiring plans for the future

"If we all have something that we’re #passionate about to make the world better and make a positive contribution, then as a #community we’re all going to be moving the world in a positive direction." Tom of @eatwholegrain #impact #purposedriven

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