Today on the show we are joined by Alana Range. Alana is a designer, photographer, digital storyteller, and founder of Radish Lab. Radish Lab is an award-winning, full-service interactive creative agency focused on design for social impact. They help social change-makers and organizations create and tell compelling digital stories that deeply engage their audiences. The team at Radish is made up of people who genuinely love what they do and who they work with. They are innovative designers, masters of collaboration, and full of good ideas. In today’s episode Alana shares her story of building a successful creative agency with us. We also dive into her passionate, yet grounded in the real world, insights behind the joys and the challenges of running an agency facing a conflict between pure profit and positive impact.

Alana Range

Alana Range, Founder of Radish Lab

Alana has been many things, including a science journalist, radio producer, teacher, and photographer. With over 12 years in the industry, she's grown from an award-winning journalist into a masterful digital media producer, storyteller, and project manager of all things pixelated.

She's worked across three continents but is a Brooklyn girl at heart, not to mention a born-and-raised Canadian, which makes her really nice. Her work has been recognized internationally in publications like Fast Company, the Guardian, CBC, NPR, Discover Magazine, and Mashable. In 2012, she started Radish Lab, an interactive digital agency focused on social impact projects based in Brooklyn, with a second office in Berlin.

Her not-so-secret love is transforming spaces - both digital and physical - into places where people love to spend time with each other. She splits her time between Berlin and Brooklyn. 

"Social #impact is about really thinking deeply about the world that we want to live in, and that takes many shapes and forms." - @alanarange

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Tune in to find out:

  • Why Alana says that Radish Lab was actually founded accidentally 
  • How Alana structured her company around clients that have a social impact 
  • What led Alana to take her business to an incubator 
  • Navigating the challenge of identifying your ideal client 
  • Facing the challenge of the commercial realities of running an agency
  • Knowing when to turn down clients that do not fit with the vision of your company
  • Alana’s biggest business secret - it has everything to do with nice people
  • Strategies for injecting new and fresh ideas into your business 

"Running a business is like trying to keep 700 juggling balls in the air at the same time, & running a small business is even worse.” - @alanarange

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