In previous seasons of this podcast, we touched on the importance of clarity for marketing your agency services and that building trust and long term relationships with your clients is key to building a successful agency. My guest this week is Kerstin Heuer, and she is an excellent example of how doing this in a way that is driven by your own personal values and passions can bring massive benefits to your agency. Kerstin has a huge amount of experience in marketing and in working in and running digital marketing agencies. But this year, she decided to launch a new agency that is totally focused on nonprofits in her adopted home of western Canada. Kerstin is the agency owner of Non-Profit Today and HeuerDesign. They help nonprofit organizations to achieve their mission with digital marketing, branding and graphic design. In today’s episode, Kerstin shares her experience serving in the non-profit niche, and what it is like to work with those types of clients on a long-term basis. We also dive into the importance of hiring for fit, focusing on matching the values of your company with the values of your employees, and really finding ways to make an impact in the non-profit space.

Kerstin Heuer

Kerstin Heuer founder of Nonprofit Today

Kerstin has over 20 years of marketing and design experience. She is a certified Digital Marketer and has developed everything from strategic marketing concepts to advertising campaigns for national and international brands. Her passion is using her creativity and experience to help organizations share their stories.

Originally from Germany, she now lives in Alberta and works with nonprofits in Canada on their overall marketing strategy to improve their marketing funnels, increase lead generation and build stronger sales pages and strategies. Having worked on campaigns for world-renowned brands earlier in her career, Kerstin specialises in guiding her clients to create stronger emotional connections that attract more support and result in bigger impact.

“If you are passionate about something and your heart is with it, you’re just in it.” — @nonprofittday #nonprofit #designers #GoodWork

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Tune in to find out:

  • What led to the genesis of Non-Profit Today and how it became its own entity
  • Why communicating their purpose is one of the biggest challenges for nonproifts
  • The importance of connecting and cross-linking with potential and existing clients
  • Understanding why you can only do the soft-sell with nonprofits
  • The challenges of working with nonprofits, as it pertains to funding and sustainability
  • Implementing an educational component with your clients
  • Measuring the success of your work as a nonprofit-serving agency
  • The positive outcomes of focusing on the nonprofit industry
  • Using the strategy of hiring for value fit and helping employees discover their passion

"We think like our clients and from their shoes try to find out what is it that they need and what is out there that we can offer them to make their life easier.” - @nonprofittday #nonprofits #marketing

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