This season Happy Porch Radio centered on how powerful open source technologies like Umbraco CMS fit into our agencies and enable us to achieve greater impact. Before we even recorded the first interview, we asked agencies to share their thoughts on the “friendly CMS” to find out how it was shaping their business and what sorts of topics people wanted to hear discussed on the podcast.

Our Umbraco in Business survey was meant to spark conversations that could contribute to developing how we in the agency community work individually and collectively to build a sustainable web ecosystem. Check out this snapshot of the Umbraco in Business questionnaire results to learn the key insights.

Through 16 episodes this season, we uncovered how people around the world are creating positive outcomes within their agencies and enterprises using Umbraco. Without a doubt, I enjoyed chatting with each guest and the listeners who generously shared their feedback and participated in our live Hot Seat events

But, we all know the CMS is neither where our work begins or ends. My goal with each season of Happy Porch Radio is to help you, as an agency professional, spot opportunities and deliver more value to your clients and the community. I wanted to wrap Season 2 by highlighting a few valuable takeaways you can use to make your agency work better, whether you use Umbraco or not.

2. Supporting Open Source Contributions Will Make Your Team Better

5. Long-term Relationships Are Key to Building Anything Valuable

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