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Dann Sheridan


Dann Sheridan is an accomplished director of platform development focused on delivering high value solutions while creating fun and challenging roles to grow the top line and bottom line of the business. The last three years have been focused on reengineering Wolters Kluwer’s e-commerce systems while collaborating with sales and marketing colleagues to transform digital sales and marketing globally.

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Tune in to find out:


  • Dann’s role at Wolters Kluwer and the types of projects than Dann is working on.
  • How honest self assessment (and the resulting low scores) led to a shift in their marketing focus from technology to results (from tools and tactics to business strategy, processes and results).
  • The scale of the current multi-year project that Dann is working on and the chaotic backdrop that got it all started.
  • A few of the individual challenges and costs that came with such a unique project.
  • Why Dann believes Umbraco has found the perfect balance between technology and SaaS capability.
  • The average time it takes to complete a migration project like this.
  • What the development process looks like for their team.
  • One specific (non-technical) challenge to watch out for with a complex project like this.
  • How using Umbraco and uCommerce has been a ‘freeing’ and ‘unleashing’ experience for Dann and his team.
  • And a whole bunch more…