Welcome back to Happy Porch Radio! During this season we will be focussing on diversity and specifically, gender diversity.

We will have an array of co-hosts that will appear for a number of episodes each and in this first episode we are delighted to welcome Kelly Molson and Erica Quessenberry to get things started.

In today’s episode we have a general and introductory conversation about the issues at hand and some of our hopes for this season’s discussions. We also hear from our co-hosts about their work and how they are involved in transformative projects and their feelings about different areas of the topic.

Finally, we discuss the role of small agencies, local organisations, and using business based motivation to propel change. For all this and much more thought-provoking content on the subject of diversity, be sure to tune in!

Kelly Molson

Kelly Molson is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Rubber Cheese, an award winning web design and development agency with studios in Hertfordshire and Cambridge.

Blogger at kellymolson.co.uk a collection of interviews with leading women agency owners, helping to raise the profile of women in the digital industry.

Kelly recently founded Mob Happy a peer-to-peer network for agency owners, helping to increase the percentage of women agency owners by supporting existing founders on their journey and inspiring up and coming leaders. Structured as a not-for-profit, they invest in running enterprise days and confidence building activities in primary and secondary schools.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her eating her way around Cambridge restaurants with wedding photographer fiancé Lee, or watching the footie at White Hart Lane. She loves a walk in the sun with their mini-dachshund Doris and growing veg in the garden allotment… but not peas. Never peas.

Erica Quessenberry

Erica is a designer of user experience, user interfaces, and cocktails at Studio RedDesigns. She partners with digital agencies and companies all over the world to design practical solutions that align business and user needs to achieve results — from simple websites to complex native mobile applications.

Erica is also co-founder and creative director of Skrift, an online magazine for the Umbraco community.

She has presented at conferences in Europe, Australia and the US on gender diversity in the tech sector.

“I’ve just kind of realised in my self that I didn’t actually know that many other women agency owners. I decided I was going to interview as many as I could find.” — @TheChiefCheese 

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Tune in to find out:

  • A little about our co-hosts Erica and Kelly.
  • Why Erica and Kelly were interested to take part in this season to talk about diversity.
  • Some of our hopes for this season and the conversations we will have.
  • The role of small agencies in transformation in the hiring process.
  • Some local organisations that are making a difference.
  • Kelly’s non-profit, More Happy and the function it currently serves.
  • The supportive nature of the agencies that Kelly has experienced.
  • Using business and financial reasons to motivate transformation.
  • Conflict within an organisation in the context of diversity.
  • And much more!

New season of HappyPorchRadio! “So the more people with different types of background and the more experiences that they’ve had individually, the better.”  @reddesigns

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