In this episode we are joined by Hilary Stephenson, Founder and Managing Director of Sigma Consulting Solutions, a leading specialist in user experience.

Sigma takes an inclusive approach to improve the usability and accessibility of digital products and services, including websites, intranets, mobile apps, and software. 

We are once again joined by our wonderful co-host, Kelly Molson, from Rubber Cheese and we have a great conversation that we cannot wait to share with you all! 

Inside this episode we talk about Hilary’s work at the Sigma and her involvement with Diversity Role Models. We dive into Sigma’s work and the evolution of the ethics and ideas of inclusion and diversity at the company.

Hilary gives us great insight into her perspective on how to build a diverse team through conscientious recruiting and attracting new team members. We discuss fluid teams, remote work, side projects, and the future of Sigma.

For this fascinating conversation, be sure to join us!

Hilary Stephenson

Hilary is a high-performing leader of Sigma Agency with a passion for user engagement, digital inclusion, usability and social impact.

With a background in technical documentation and business communication she have been involved in user-centered, task-focused information design approaches.

At Sigma Hilary works with a great team of talented user researchers, designers, analysts, developers, UX consultants and project managers where the users are put at the heart of what they do to deliver better products and services to a happier audience and offer an improved user experience for all.

“We have a very real focus on User Experience and that means most of our projects, if not everything is informed by real people.” — @Hilaryonline

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Tune in to find out:

  • A quick introduction to Sigma and Hilary’s role there.

  • Some of the specific work that the company does on inclusion.

  • The evolution of how Sigma defines the role that they play.

  • Hilary’s perspective on how to go about building a diverse team.

  • A little about the recruitment process employed by Sigma.

  • What Hillary actually looks for in new team members.

  • Some tips and pointers for where to start including people from different backgrounds

  • Accepting the coming and going of team members in the fluid landscape.

  • The decision and impact of remote work at Sigma.

  • Encouraging creativity and side projects within a team.

  • Hilary’s own path towards her current role and interest in these subjects.

  • Diversity Role Model’s and how Hilary is involved.

  •  Looking forward to the future with Hilary and Sigma.

  • And much more!

“You have to go where the users are and use the language that they feel comfortable with and that’s quite a skill.” — @Hilaryonline

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