Hello everybody and welcome to another episode!

Today we are joined by April Wensel, the CEO and Founder of Compassionate Coding, who is here to tell us all about her company, why she started it, and the philosophical and practical ideas that are the foundation of what she does. 

We are also happy to welcome back Erica Quessenberry to co-host this deeply interesting conversation, in which we cover compassion, emotional intelligence, empathy, and everything in between. 

We start by looking at some of April’s background and what sparked her desire to create Compassionate Coding. From there we move through the basic concepts and what they mean to our guest and how they fit together into a set of values and actionable strategies. April does a great job of laying out these ideas in both an approachable and progressive manner that is nothing short of inspiring.

We also get into self-care, leadership, client relations and feedback before finishing off the episode with a practical tip from our guest about slowing down.

For a truly thought-provoking and pragmatic discussion, be sure not to miss this episode

April Wensel

April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a company bringing emotional intelligence and ethics to the tech industry.

“I had a lot of fun doing that, I learned a lot, worked on a lot of cool projects but I noticed a lot of problems with the industry as well. For one, there weren’t a lot of people around who looked like me, not a lot of women.” @aprilwensel 

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Tune in to find out:

  • April’s background in the tech industry leading up to the founding of Compassionate Coding.
  • How April understands the concept of compassion.
  • Rethinking the misrepresentation of-so-called soft and feminine skills.
  • Growing the skill of empathy and re-framing how we understand it.
  • Differentiating between the definitions of emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy.
  • Turning compassionate ethics into concrete strategies and action.
  • Fostering awareness and raising issues in a productive manner.
  • Dealing with the fear that comes along with confronting problems.
  • Self-care and awareness to pick conversations and battles.
  • Considering the leadership dimension of these imperatives.
  • The challenges that ideals of diversity and empathy pose to a team.
  • How emotional intelligence can be cultivated through intentional practice.
  • How to implement empathy when on the receiving end of feedback.
  • The power of clarifying questions and understanding each other.
  • How these ideas translate into relationships and interactions with clients.
  • Slowing down as a first step towards developing these skills.
  • And much more!

“I try to plant seeds of compassion and inclusion everywhere I go. I think that’s something everyone can do.” @aprilwensel 

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