On today’s show we welcome Kelly Mackenzie, the founder and CEO of White Bear Studios who is here to talk to us about her design company and their initiative called Shape.

After some years in the design field, a number of things led Kelly to feel isolated and outnumbered as a woman in her line of work. As her company grew she would attend design events and it felt like the norm was to have only a couple of women in the room. 

This prompted her and White Bear Studios to create Shape, a program aimed at promoting design and creative courses at schools. The first of their workshops is about to be held and we could not be more excited about this great idea and to hear about how it will work.

With the help of our returning guest co-host, Kelly Molson, we unpack our guest Kelly Mackenzie’s history and current work with White Bear Studios, before getting down to what Shape is all about.

 We also discuss the impacts and benefits of parenthood and what this has meant to Kelly and her work. For a great conversation be sure to tune in!

Kelly Mackenzie

Kelly is the founder and CEO of White Bear Studios whose aim is to help their clients create memorable & bold brands to drive growth.

“What I found working in larger agencies and working in smaller agencies is that you don’t need a really big design team to make a tangible difference to the business that you’re working with.” @kellyellen 

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Tune in to find out:

  • A little about Kelly and White Bear Studio’s background.
  • What brought about the Shape initiative from Kelly and her team.
  • The workshops that Shape will be running and what they will entail.
  • The process of creating these workshops since the first idea.
  • Parallels between Shape and Kelly Molson’s Mob Happy.
  • Having a baby and the events that contributed to Shape’s creation.
  • The growth and changes that having a baby brought about at the studio.
  • Kelly’s vision for the future of Shape.
  • Considering more artistic vocations from the the parents’ point of view.
  • Creating ongoing benefits through prizes in the workshops.
  • And much more!

“I guess the purpose of Shape is to increase diversity and to educate students about the benefits of a creative design career.” @kellyellen 

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