Today on the show we get to speak to the amazing Molly Watt. Molly is registered deaf blind due to a genetic condition called Usher Syndrome. She is a keynote speaker, usability and accessibility consultant, and published author. 

Molly uses her passion and experiences to specialize in accessibility and usability in the world of design. Her presentations range from awareness of Usher Syndrome, sensory impairments, accessibility, assistive technology and accessible design. As a keynote speaker, she has spoken at the Houses of Parliament, Harvard Medical School, Apple Campus, GN ReSound, ustwo, and many more.

Now, Molly’s story, presentation, and videos are truly inspiring and in this episode, we have a fascinating and wide ranging conversation about inclusion and diversity. 

For an incredible interview, be sure to tune into today’s episode!

Molly Watt

Molly, director of Molly Watt Ltd runs a company and charity both driving technology evangelism. Registered deaf blind due to a genetic condition called Usher syndrome she uses her passion and experiences to specialise in Accessibility and Usability in the world of design. Her goals include changing the perspective of those designing products or a service to create more inclusive environments.
The Molly Watt Trust is a family run charity that funds technology to enhance the lives of those living with Usher syndrome.   

“I talk a lot about how privileged I feel to live in a day where we actually have access to better technology that can actually help me on my day-to-day life.” @MollyWattTalks

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Tune in to find out:

  • Molly’s background and what inspires the work that she does today.
  • Understanding Molly’s experience of being born deaf and the process of going blind.
  • The framework of Molly’s work as a consultant and keynote speaker.
  • Why Molly is so passionate about educating others on usability and accessibility.
  • How Molly works to change perspectives on usability and inclusive thinking.
  • Differentiating between temporary and acquiring disabilities.
  • Learning from the experiences of others, drawing on unique perspectives.
  • Why accessibility simply cannot be an after thought.
  • Understanding how to explain the value of accessibility to business.
  • The differences between voice over and Speak Screen.
  • Why so many companies are simply unaware of their lack of accessibility.
  • How Molly is helping others who live with Usher Syndrome.
  • And much more!

“I had a constant battle of trying to prove to people that I was actually capable of doing these things and that I was only capable unless I had the right tools and support.” @MollyWattTalks

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