On the show today we welcome Elizabeth Gibbons, who is the Director of Client Services at Zeroseven in Brisbane, Australia.

Zeroseven is a digital development house in the heart of Brisbane that works in partnership with their clients on long term digital solutions that use best practice in design, development, and usability. Elizabeth is here to tell us about her experiences and successes in creating a more gender diverse team at the company, and to discuss her greatest motivations for wanting to bridge the gender divide in tech and the practices she has seen as valuable in this pursuit.

Once again we are joined by Erica Quessenberry as our trusty co-host and we have a great conversation centering around web development, hiring and cultural practices that facilitate more inclusive work spaces.

We get into specific techniques that Elizabeth and her team at Zeroseven have implemented and the results of these. We chat about the interview process and the ongoing mission of building and maintaining a strong company culture, something that Elizabeth sees as vital in both the acquisition and retention of good female developers. Elizabeth also muses about the benefits of confronting unchecked biases and realigning the status quo and we finish off the conversation thinking about communication and the channels that support a more rounded and diverse workplace.

For all of this and more, be sure to listen in!

Elizabeth Gibbons

Elizabeth Gibbons is Business Development Manager at Zeroseven, a digital development house in the heart of Brisbane, Australia. Elizabeth possesses an excellent knowledge of the digital realm and has extensive expertise in establishing eCommerce solutions and websites that drive online sales. She is passionate about working with businesses to develop communication and promotional strategies to maximise their online presence.

“I think as a female owner of a digital agency, finding other females is always been a struggle. Unfortunately in the industry, at least in Australia and Brisbane, it’s pretty male-dominated.”— @Gibbled

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Tune in to find out:

  • An introduction to Elizabeth and the work she does at Zeroseven.
  • Why increasing gender diversity is an important avenue of Elizabeth’s work.
  • Elizabeth’s experiences in trying to boost the amount of women in her company.
  • The motivation and conscious choices that Elizabeth made in this pursuit.
  • Attending meet ups and finding female developers where they are.
  • Approaching these challenges as a smaller agency.
  • The evolution of Elizabeth and Zeroseven’s interviewing process.
  • Criteria for working at Zeroseven and the points of most importance.
  • Building an ideal company culture over time.
  • Female developers and work spaces that are less sensitive to their needs.
  • The tendency for male developers to be more risky and switch positions often.
  • Confronting and questioning bias in the workplace.
  • Gender diversity in other roles beside development.
  • The effect of hiring a more communicative female developer on the rest of the team.
  • Fostering an environment of more healthy communication channels.
  • The ongoing project of running a more diverse and happy team.
  • And much more!

“If a woman sees another woman in that position and they know it’s like a safe space and they know it’s going to be okay..” @Gibbled

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