In this episode we welcome Chris Howard, a co-leader from Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum. We have a fascinating discussion with Chris as he takes us through the work he and Intertech do and their specific approach to diversity, inclusion, and transformation. 

We are also delighted to welcome back Erica Quessenberry as our co-host today.

One of the reasons and a major impetus to invite Chris to be a guest was the recent address he made at the Umbraco conference and he walks us through the enlightening exercise with which he opened that talk. From there we hear about company structures, allies and role models and some of the challenges that face a progressive organisation such as Intertech and how they address these. 

Chris unpacks the issues of potential ‘pink-washing’, quotas and conflict resolution, all along the way offering honest and transparent access into the mission and journey towards higher diversity in tech.

For a great conversation with an open and engaged guest, make sure to join us for this fantastic episode!

Chris Howard

Chris is a Senior Analyst at EPAM Systems where his passion for digital transformation and the exciting change it can bring to organisations is called into play daily when working with clients across the globe.

Recently, he has been focused on delivering projects in the payments and banking space, as well as remaining on top of the fast-evolving world of IoT.

He is a true advocate of diversity and inclusion and passionate about driving positive change for LGBT+ people. He co-leads ‘Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum’ - an organisation dedicated to promoting LGBT+ diversity in the UK tech sector and sits on the ‘British Army’s LGBT Forum’ - last year Chris was named one of the Top 10 Corporate Rising Stars in the British LGBT Awards.

He is Governor for a trio of primary schools, mentor for LGBT+ future leaders and a very doting owner of Lily, his French Bulldog.

“We’ve really started to focus on what we can do for the wider industry. We’re doing events all the time.”— @chris_howard

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Tune in to find out:

  • Some background to Chris and his work at Intertech.
  • The work done at Intertech and how this is expanding currently.
  • The diversity exercise Chris used in his talk at a conference recently.
  • Individual roles in transformation within a company structure.
  • Allies, role models and the spectrum of meanings.
  • The ongoing mission that Intertech is on to live out and exemplify their values.
  • Intertech’s events and how they go about their mission.
  • ‘Pink- washing’ and the measures Intertech take to create more sustainable change.
  • What makes an excellent and strong organisation?
  • The contentious issue of quotes and targets.
  • Chris’s iterative alternative solution to the issue of transformation.
  • Using the tech based concept of agility as a means towards diversity.
  • Two ways to approach conflict and people resistant to change.
  • And much more!

“That whole notion of being patient tiny steps leading to big changes is what we’ve all been doing and what we all are doing in our daily life.”— @chris_howard

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