On this episode of Happy Porch Radio we welcome Carole Rennie Logan to give us her perspectives and experiences as a woman working in tech in Glasgow.

Carole is Development Team Lead at the Glasgow based agency, Equator and won the award for Inspirational Woman of the Year at the Scotland Women in Tech Awards this year!

Apart from the gender gap, Carole has also found herself entering a world where there are very few people from her economic background, being from the so-called working class side of town.

We chat about both of these areas and unpack Caroles belief in role models and bravery in breaking down barriers and tokenism.

We are once again joined by Erica Quessenberry as our co-host, so please join us for this fascinating conversation!

Carole Rennie Logan

Carole Rennie Logan, Web Developer and IoT Expert

Carole is a Development Team Lead at Equator and tech meetup organiser. She is enthusiastic about encouraging inclusion in the tech industry and the Scottish tech community.

Carole is leader of the Glasgow chapter of Ladies of Code and organiser of Glasgow Umbraco meetup.

 As a developer, she has an interest in web technologies particularly how these can be used in the internet of things to solve real life problems.

When not coding, you will find her running around Glasgow or baking cakes.

I would absolutely not change my upbringing or background at all because it’s made me who I am and my family are amazing.But there are some things people will talk about experiences that I’m just like,“We’re from different worlds”, you know? — @crgrieve

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Tune in to find out:

  • Caroles experiences of the class gap studying tech at university. 

  • Looking at the issue of class and backgrounds in a broader discussion around diversity. 

  • How hiring diversely can benefit business owners. 

  • Caroles own experience of education and support in her family.
  • The importance of role models in broadening horizons. 
  • Comparing the professional world with the university environment. 
  • Subtle and overt behaviors that marginalize certain people. 
  • Caroles involvement in tech meetups for women.  
  • The amazing award that Carole received this year! 
  • The steps that Umbraco has been taking to create more inclusion. 
  • Encouraging involvement at tech meetups and conferences. 
  • Breaking down the feeling of tokenism. 
  • Caroles advice to women wanting to get more involved.
  • And much more!

I think there is a bit like the lack of women in tech, there are several sides of it - a pipeline thing where we need kids from different backgrounds to realize that this is a place for them and that they are welcome,but also that their talent is needed.” — @crgrieve

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