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Season 7: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Circular Future

Welcome to season 7 of HappyPorch Radio! 

Come join us and our guests, as we explore the role of technology, software and digital in circularity. 

Building on previous seasons, we will be zooming out to look at circularity from a systemic level.  Specifically, we will be speaking to a range of consultants, experts, trainers and advisors who help others transition to circular economy practices.

We believe that the transition to a circular economy is a critical step towards building a sustainable future. With our expert guests we will be looking at the challenges and opportunities that arise when embracing circular economy principles, and exploring the roles that technology can play in facilitating this transition.

Whether you are already engaged in the Circular Economy in your business or professional life or simply interested in a deeper dive  into circular economy and sustainability, this season of the HappyPorch Radio is for you.

Join us as we learn from the experts about what it takes to build a more circular and sustainable economy for all.