On the show today we welcome Peter Aitken from the Global Diversity CFP Day and Litmus. 

Peter is here to tell us all about the great and somewhat surprising success his efforts have had in creating a more inclusive and encouraging space for underrepresented persons at tech events.

We hear about his initial work at the Scotland JS and Scotland CSS conferences and how this grew into the work he now does at Global Diversity CFP Day. Peter gives us great details as to the trajectory and the way in which things have worked and grown.

The Global Diversity CFP Day has snowballed greatly in the last two years and this year’s event promises to be the biggest one yet with satellite events happening all over the world.

One thing we didn't discuss that I want to encourage you to check out:  on scotlandjs.com there are 4 articles under the heading "Access Articles". These 4 stories demonstrate how amazing it can be when a conference focuses on being a really inclusive and caring event - they cover child care at the conference, Connie the inspiring 10 year old coder and how conferences and community can change lives. Please do take a look.

For a truly inspiring and happy story, be sure to join us on the show!

Peter Aitken

Peter is a Tech Lead at Litmus and is a recovering conference organiser, who now focuses on Global Diversity CFP Day.

“So how can we demonstrate to people who have been and that haven’t attended before that this will be an inclusive event?” — @jiggy_pete @gdcfpday

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Tune in to find out:

  • Peter’s work at the Scotland JS and CSS Conferences over the years.
  • The rise of the topic of diversity and inclusion in tech.
  • Peter thoughts of the conference going forward and its progression.
  • The way Peter sees the role of hosting these events and his presence at them.
  • The conference’s has recent snowballing and growth.
  • Tapping into the huge amount of underrepresented people in tech.
  • The upcoming event this year!
  • Peter’s experiences of saying the wrong thing.
  • Hopes and ideas for the future and getting involved.
  • And much more!

“You can find people that are absolutely amazing and just also happen to come from an underrepresented and marginalized background as well.”—@jiggy_pete @gdcfpday

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