On today’s show we are joined again by our co-host, Kate, co-founder of Fat Free Media.

This episode is the second of our two part conversation with Dan Robertson, President of Vercida Consulting.

Dan’s expertise lies in workplace diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. In this episode, we continue our conversation from Episode Two of the season, and dive deeper into what a bias is, how to recognize the different types of biases, and Dan’s advice for how to manage biases within yourself and your teams.

Dan gives us some great tools to help us manage our teams and positively deal with bias and inclusivity.

Be sure to check out the previous episode for Part One

So, for all this and more, keep listening!.

Dan Robertson

Dan Robertson is the Director of VERCIDA Consulting. 

He is widely regarded as a subject matter expert on workplace diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership.

“For me, as somebody who runs a global consultant business, the thing that has to come above everything is talent.” — @dan_robertson1 

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Tune in to find out:

  • Ways of mitigating bias in recruitment while maintaining a positive culture.
  • Finding an equilibrium within your team.
  • Why talent and skills should come above all else.
  • Defining talent and what the mold of talent is.
  • Being explicit on job specs - positive action as an alternative to positive discrimination.
  • Ways to positively attract the right applicants - taking note of imagery and language.
  • Calling people out on bias approaches within a set framework.
  • Having a set of rules around inclusivity.
  • Talking about bias with your team - having workshops.
  • The importance of creating a set of habits or organizational rituals.
  • And much more!

"If you put on a job advert with a sentence-"We at company X are absolutely committed to diversity inclusion, we recognize that we’re under represented by X group.We welcome you to apply.”- you're actually going to find that your attraction strategy goes up.” — @dan_robertson1

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