Today is our final episode of Season Four.

Yes, this is the end of another season and one of the things that made this season especially fun were the three wonderful cohosts who joined us on the show: Kate Rostance, Kelly Molson and Erica Quessenberry. 

In this final episode, all of us join together to look back over the season, touching on some of the ways various guests have impacted us and we share some of our most important takeaways.

We hope you enjoyed this season as much as we did so please do get in touch and give us your feedback on what was good and what we could improve on.

So, for all this and more, keep listening to our final episode of the season!

Kate Rostance

Kate Rostance is the founder and Managing Director of Fat Free Media Agency which is a boutique film and animation agency based in Nottingham, UK. 

Kate is heading up a team of 9 exceptionally talented producers, animators, editors and managers with her husband and business partner, Neil.

Kate's passion has always been in making things happen: managing projects, building relationships with clients, navigating tricky situations and keeping the plates spinning.

Kelly Molson

Kelly Molson is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Rubber Cheese, an award winning web design and development agency with studios in Hertfordshire and Cambridge.

Blogger at a collection of interviews with leading women agency owners, helping to raise the profile of women in the digital industry.

Kelly recently founded Mob Happy a peer-to-peer network for agency owners, helping to increase the percentage of women agency owners by supporting existing founders on their journey and inspiring up and coming leaders. Structured as a not-for-profit, they invest in running enterprise days and confidence building activities in primary and secondary schools.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her eating her way around Cambridge restaurants with wedding photographer fiancé Lee, or watching the footie at White Hart Lane. She loves a walk in the sun with their mini-dachshund Doris and growing veg in the garden allotment… but not peas. Never peas.

Erica Quessenberry

Erica is a designer of user experience, user interfaces, and cocktails at Studio RedDesigns. She partners with digital agencies and companies all over the world to design practical solutions that align business and user needs to achieve results — from simple websites to complex native mobile applications.

Erica is also co-founder and creative director of Skrift, an online magazine for the Umbraco community.

She has presented at conferences in Europe, Australia and the US on gender diversity in the tech sector.

“You have to be proactive about getting people to come and work for you rather than just waiting for them to apply.” — Kate Rostance

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Tune in to find out:

  • Hear a little more about our wonderful three co-hosts and what they do.
  • Episode 6 with Elizabeth: Being proactive about getting people to come work for you.
  • Subtle cultural differences that impact how we hire.
  • Working hard to define the culture of the agency to make it appealing for women to apply.
  • Episode 13 with Dan: Having greater awareness in our daily lives - everybody has biases.
  • Episode 5 with Molly: All the different groups of accessibility type things for web work.
  • Episode 7 with Chris: The LGBT community and gender discussions.
  • Being intentional in the way that we run our agencies to be more inclusive and aware.
  • The flexibility of a small team and ways to strengthen that team with small exercises.
  • Possibly hearing about dealing with things when you’re in a more toxic culture or environment
  • How this season has opened our eyes to what diversity and inclusion really is.
  • Episode 4 with Kelly: Being more involved in initiatives and organizations in our communities.
  • Episode 9 with Asad: Looking at agencies and their diversity before working with them.
  • Project Implicit which is a Harvard research program on how biased you are.
  • Erica shares with us on how she works with teams and some of her experiences.
  • Episode 8 with Carol: Social economic background and how that impacts your opportunities.
  • Episode 10 with Peter: Events and the diversity of speakers at events.
  • Guests we can recommend for the next season.
  • And much more!

"Just hearing from these different people from different walks of life has just been fantastic to me.” — @TheChiefCheese

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"So I guess it’s that openness and that willingness to allow me to be a part of the team instead of just the hands that complete the work for them is the biggest thing that I feel.” — @reddesigns

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